11.08.21 Andy Arakaki

The Power of a Title

A proposal to all MLSs:

Add a new mandatory text input field that gives realtors the ability to name (or brand) a property. Call it simply, the title field. Limit the character count to between 60 and 80 characters to allow for websites and advertisements to fit the entire title rather than truncate it. Apply the same guidelines that the public remarks field has to the title field.


When you go shopping, every product has a brand - cars, clothes, computers, and even temporary products like jobs and events have brand names.

Homes are one of the only products that are identifiable by something other than a brand name. Most real estate sites identify homes by address, but you'll find Realtor.com, Zillow, and a few other marketplace websites emphasize pricing more than the address. While I don't know the science behind this decision offhand, I can personally share that I've bought and sold a home without even knowing the home's address. It's purely for contractual and identification purposes.

Why this will help?

While the title field addition may seem like a small change, it will:

  • Give homeowners more value when selling their homes.
  • Allow realtors the opportunity to further brand properties and make them more memorable.
  • Increase the marketing power of MLSs.
  • Provide homebuyers with a better shopping experience.


  • Every home doesn't need to have a name. The title field could be used as a tagline.
  • Certain punctuation marks, emojis, and all capital letters shouldn't be allowed.
  • A great example of a company doing this in a similar industry is Airbnb. Example below.